Our Trainer

Mary Rizo-Patron of La Amistad in Waynesville, OH is the trainer for Middlefield Farm.

Mary uses a cooperation method of training that has the horses' trust as the primary element of their education. In using this method the horses learn to cooperate with the rider and work with him or her rather than execute routines because they do not have a chance to do otherwise. This technique results in a horse that works happily and has a solid foundation for many years of productive use.

Mary's methods have been proven by the success of the horses that she has trained in both the open and amateur owner divisions at the Regional and National Levels. She has had successes in Pleasure and Performance as well as in the very demanding Classic Fino divisions.

One of Mary’s greatest attributes is her ability to bring together the Amateur Owner and their horse so that they both can achieve their best whether it is in the show ring or on the trail.

Mary’s willingness to share knowledge has played a major role in the successes that Middlefield Farm has had over the past several years not only in the show ring but, in the management and development of the operation.

To learn more about Mary and La Amistad visit amistadpasofino.com.

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